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Business Negotiation Skills

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Business Negotiation Skills
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A negotiation is a result-oriented conversation between two or more individuals for reaching at a mutually-benefiting conclusion. This point may benefit all of the participating entities, or just a single party, some of them, or all of them. Negotiation Skills are focused on resolving differences for the benefit of an individual or a group, or to satisfy various interests. In this tutorial, we will discuss the skills that you need to hone to pull through successful business deals.


These Skills are mostly necessary for those individuals, who work with the sales and marketing portfolio. Each customer would like to have things his/her own way. Still, with adequate negotiation skills, you can crack a deal that is mutually advantageous.


Before going through this tutorial, you are expected to have some basic idea about corporate hierarchy, running of operations within an organization and the “Rewards & Incentives” structures of companies.