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Learn Apache Presto

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Learn Apache Presto
Download Learn Apache Presto

Apache Presto is an open source distributed SQL engine. Presto originated at Facebook for data analytics needs and later was open sourced. Now, Teradata joins Presto community and offers support.
Apache Presto is very useful for performing queries even petabytes of data. Extensible architecture and storage plugin interfaces are very easy to interact with other file systems. Most of today’s best industrial companies are adopting Presto for its interactive speeds and low latency performance.
This Learn Apache Presto explores Presto architecture, configuration, and storage plugins. It discusses the basic and advanced queries and finally concludes with real-time examples.
The Learn Apache Presto has been prepared for professionals aspiring to make a career in Big Data Analytics. The Learn Apache Presto will give you enough understanding on Apache Presto.
Before proceeding with the Learn Apache Presto, you must have a good understanding of Core Java, DBMS and any of the Linux operating systems.