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Learn Environmental Studies

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Learn Environmental Studies
Learn Environmental Studies

Environmental studies refer to an extensive and systematic study of nature/environment, its physical, biological, social, and cultural factors, as well as the nature and characteristics of the relationship between man and environment.
Environmental studies help us understand the importance of our environment and teaches us to use natural resources more efficiently and embrace a sustainable way of living. How far man influences nature and to what extent nature delivers its bounties constitute another objective of environmental studies.
This Learn Environmental Studies is concise and takes an authentic approach to provide a vivid account of the natural environment and related issues.
The Learn Environmental Studies is designed keeping in view the prescribed syllabus for Environment and Ecology or Environmental Studies in various colleges and universities. Lucidity in expression and simplicity of language used in the Learn Environmental Studies will acquaint even a youngster with the basic knowledge on Environmental Studies.
The readers of the Learn Environmental Studies should have basic knowledge about the environment and environmental phenomena. Readers should understand their physical surroundings and the changes in climatic condition, seasonal differences, etc.

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Learn Environmental Studies
Learn Environmental Studies