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Learn Gulp Full

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Learn Gulp Full
Learn Gulp Full

Gulp is a task runner that uses Node.js as a platform. It purely uses the JavaScript code and helps to run front-end tasks and large-scale web applications. Gulp builds system automated tasks like CSS and HTML minification, concatenating library files, and compiling the SASS files. These tasks can be run using Shell or Bash scripts on the command line.

This Learn Gulp Full teaches you how to use Gulp to run front-end tasks and large-scale web applications in simple and easy steps. After completing this Learn Gulp Full, you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in using Gulp from where you may take yourself to the next levels.

This Learn Gulp Full has been prepared for beginners to help them understand the basic functionalities of Gulp.

For this Learn Gulp Full, it is assumed that you have prior knowledge of basic software development using Java or any other programming language. It should be of help if you have had some exposure to the software build and deployment process.

Characteristics of the Learn Gulp Full:
+ Easy to use.
+ Have a list of related applications.
+ Easily view the history of viewed items.
+ Easily share with friends through all social networking channels.
+ Serving banner ads and interstitial ads.

Learn Gulp Full
Learn Gulp Full