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Learn Public Library Management

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Learn Public Library Management

A library is more than just a center for getting access to your favorite books, journals, and magazines. Public libraries hold a vast and organized collection of printed or electronic reading material that can be delivered to a defined set of recipients by the library staff.
Libraries in general provide a range of services from preservation, collection, circulation, organization, and retrieval of information, which is either in printed or digital format.
Public Library Management deals with the process of developing, storing, managing, and maintaining a public library. This Learn Public Library Management introduces you to the basics of public library, information resources, organization, formats, and retrieval, cataloging and indexing, as well as public library legislation.
The LearnPublic Library Management will make you understand the very basics of Public Library Management.
The LearnPublic Library Management is prepared for beginners to help them understand basics of Public Library and its Management. It will be especially useful for all those readers who would want to make a career in knowledge management or as a librarian.
We assume that the reader has basic knowledge of knowledge resources, media, and management concepts. Creativity, analytical thinking, strategic vision, and communication skills are a plus