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Learn SAP Dashboards

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Learn SAP Dashboards
Download Learn SAP Dashboards App

SAPDashboard is a SAP Business Objects Data Visualization Tool that is used to create interactive dashboards from different data sources. Dashboard allows BI developers to create custom dashboards from almost any data source to meet the business requirements in an organization. You can export the dashboard to PDF, PPT, etc. This is Learn SAP Dashboards App that covers the basics of SAP Dashboards and how to deal with its various components and sub-components.
The LearnSAP Dashboards App has been prepared for those professionals who wish to learn the basics as well as the refinements of SAP Dashboards and execute it in practice.
SAPDashboard will be useful for BI Developers, Executive Managers and Information Consumers as it provides tools for Data Visualization, Enterprise Reporting, Business Objects Planning and consolidation, Enterprise Performance Management, Query and Analysis, Enterprise Information Management, etc.
The LearnSAP Dashboards App aims to make the reader comfortable in getting started with SAP Dashboard and its several other utilities.