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Learn SAP HR

Learn SAP HR
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SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) is one of the key modules in SAP and is also called SAP Human Resource (HR) or SAP Human Resource Management System (SAP HRMS). This introductory Learn SAP HR App gives a brief overview of the features of SAP HR and how to use it in a systematic manner.
Human capital management products from SAP can help your organization hire and retain the right people, manage the work environment, streamline HR processes, ensure legal compliance, and create a people-centric organization.
The LearnSAP HR App is designed to configure the HR module of SAP in an easy and systematic way. Packed with plenty of screenshots, it will be useful for consultants as well as end-users.
Before you start proceeding with the Learn SAP HR App, we are assuming that you are already aware of the basics of SAP. It will be helpful if you have some exposure to the HR functions normally conducted in an organization.